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Game Review – The Last of Us – PS3

Reviewed by: MoonlightWalnut My very first game review, comment or suggest what I should add to my next game review! (Skyrim/Minecraft) Storyline The Last of Us’ storyline is that of a meticulously created and ingenious idea which leaves you hanging (literally) and hammering for more. With the Last […]

Food Review – Pinch

Mamma mia! By MoonlightWalnut Warning: Only thin pizzas are made here. Also, there is a very limited amount of pasta flavours. Food and Drinks Customers hunting for cheap, filling and most importantly delicious pizzas and pastas in Hammersmith need look no further-no further than Pinch that is. This […]

Food Review – Dona Theresa

By MoonlightWalnut Something to savour… Warning: Lights are flashy? (There are starlights, quite literally, on the painted dark blue evening sky at the restaurant. They flash a lot of the time, and keep changing. Food and Drinks Dona Theresa offers a lighter, fresher taste of Italy, a great […]

Short Story – Mist

By MoonlightWalnut A short story based on real happenings that occurred in London during around the 11th December to the 13th December 2013 The grey sky was bright in comparison to the misty ground below. The fields were a blur of green and teal as the train carriage […]