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Food Review – Dona Theresa

By MoonlightWalnut

Something to savour…

Warning: Lights are flashy? (There are starlights, quite literally, on the painted dark blue evening sky at the restaurant. They flash a lot of the time, and keep changing.

Food and Drinks

Dona Theresa offers a lighter, fresher taste of Italy, a great and relaxing meal out for anyone who’s searching for that little shop on the high-street-or, these days better known as the unknown website on the computer. I’ve been to Dona Theresa many times before, but just this time today I decided to write a review on it-it deserves one.

We arrived before 7pm, so we had the two-course ‘early bird’ menu. For starters, I ordered funghi all Milanese, which you are heartily welcome to try-they were well cooked, still steaming with heat and juicy and tender inside. The mushrooms were whole and simply delicious. I didn’t have the sides with it as I generally don’t like dipping things (says the girl who dunks the leftovers on her bread at the end of lunch), but you can always try them-I’m sure it’ll taste nice.

The main course for me was sole goujon; something I’d never tried before at the restaurant but always had been dying too. However, the temptations of lasagne and pasta brought me down and I always had those instead. But today, I thought to myself as the waitress asked for my main course, today I would change. And boy was it good! It’s not really goujon; rather, goujons, first of all. They were served along with steamed potatoes, salad, a slice of lemon, fine green beans and soft boiled baby carrots. It was de-lish, and pretty as well.

A wonderful little dessert booklet was served to me after the empty porcelain plates were taken away by the waitresses. From it, I decided along with the rest of my accompanying family to have fresh homemade gelato. There are a couple of authentic flavours, such as original vanilla, strawberry, pistachio (not so authentic) and chocolate, of course-who could do without it? Very icy, and melts at a superfluous rate, so be quick about it. Not the best gelato I’ve tasted, but then. I’m not in Italy.

Never really tried out the drinks, as

a) I’m not eighteen or over

b) Never was bothered to ask

c) Water will do just fine…

d) …Or milk

So, can’t really say anything, apart from the fact that the water was freezing when we asked for ‘cold’ But I understand that, and that can’t be called a fault.

Food and Drinks Rating: 9/10

Scenery and Seating etc.

The scenery is quite a new one to the likes of a young one such as I, filled with colourful artistic paintings and fake wooden framed windows covered by plain cloth curtains. The actual windows overlook a bustling a light-filled high street road, which for some may be entrancing, others distracting. The ceiling, however, is what possibly sparks the most beauty into the place (I will not talk about the toilets which are lit in green.) Colourful streams of light radiate from it, literally glowing, to form the charts of stars, with a dark evening sky creating a moonlit effect as you eat in comfortable wooden chairs padded with maroon-coloured leather. They are constantly changing to reflect the actual sky (or something like that), so it feels like you’re actually sitting outside, in the lovely breezy wind watching the stars glisten and shine casting a faint shadow over your food; you can, for a time, forget the cold and cramped and polluted cities and imagine yourself on a balcony facing over a sparkling and velvety blue ocean. A nice thought.

Scenery and Seating etc. Rating: 10/10


A bit slow most of the time, and when they finally do come they seem as ruffled as a provoked and scared cat which has found itself in a tight corner with its enemies closing in tightly. Their eyes…they almost look like hunted wolves. Although they won’t be the hunted for much longer it seems.

Service Rating: 7/10


**“We’re following global food trends moving away from heavy sauces and towards better ingredients, lighter flavours, and more consistent tastes.”-Chef Antonio

**Great quality food and drinks in a happy and beautiful environment! On the High Street, so it won’t be hard to spot.

**Here’s a picture of this cute little treasure trove:


Want to find out where this is? Check out their website.


451 Uxbridge Rd Pinner, Hatch End Pinner, Greater London HA5 4JR, UK


0208 421 5550


See you later by food fanatics!  Now for the daily dose of news from blogging central (aka MoonlightWalnut, aka me)

I’m going to be in China on holiday for around two and a half weeks, where this blog is banned (tut tut.) Therefore, my brother Lews will be co-blogging and posting my blogs for me as I send them from China on Word documents. I hope this won’t change anything, and I’ll be keeping a close eye just in case he tries to do something naughty 😛 Anyways, I’ll see you folks in April! Bye!



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