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Food Review – Pinch

Mamma mia!

By MoonlightWalnut

Warning: Only thin pizzas are made here. Also, there is a very limited amount of pasta flavours.

Food and Drinks

Customers hunting for cheap, filling and most importantly delicious pizzas and pastas in Hammersmith need look no further-no further than Pinch that is. This cosy little retro restaurant-café situated on the outskirts of Broadway shopping centre and everyday people marvel at the speed, size and quality of their 100% fresh meals. Pizzas are scrumptiously thin and home made by the chefs at the restaurant; people can watch if they’re bothered. (It’s quite amazing, almost as entrancing as the young man who made handmade noodles with his own hands, YouTube link to video will be here; sorry about the breaking of the noodles halfway during the video that’s not supposed to happen but he got scared when I said that) The company also recently introduced pastas, which arrive steaming hot (quite literally) and in big white bowls. Although you think you could scoff it down in a simple matter of minutes, the hearty food leaves you nicely full so that you can spread the great cheer everywhereJ. You can find yumminess everywhere, even if you’re blind and senseless of your surroundings.

Food and Drinks Rating: 8/10

Scenic and Seating etc.

The scenic is that of a plain ordinary internet café, with sticky wooden tables and low-hanging lamps. There is an abundance of magazines and newspapers which is situated next to the TV, which seems to ever be rambling on about sports scores. There’s a fridge which contains all sorts of cold beverages to purchase as a side, but the most authentic scenery is the minical baskets made rather for Easter egg hunts than cutlery. Still.

Scenic and Seating Rating: 6/10


Service is extraordinarily fast for pizzas that are made to order. Chefs and waiters are very friendly and willing to serve (and also are professionals at handing out colourful straws.) On order the waiters will give you an electronic device of which its contents to me are unknown which will beep loudly, flash a green light and vibrate on the table when your order is ready. A pretty nifty thing overall.

Service Rating: 10/10


**Super quick and super tasty pizzas and pastas for those wanting a fast but filling comfort food dinner!

**”I tried pinch on the day they opened and became a regular ever since” –Yelp User Qype

**Here’s a picture of the stuff they have to offer:


 Check out the website for this great stuff

TEL: 020 8834 7070

Cheers, me.

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