Category: Short Stories

When I’m sitting on the Piccadilly line every dull day to Hammersmith sometimes something slightly significant (some sibilance there) occurs and I give it a name, write a couple of hundred words and give it you, with love.

My Holiday in Scotland

Day 1: So, this is day one of my half term. I got to the train station an hour early. I want to PLATFORM 9 3/4 , then the Harry Potter Shop. I read my book. I got on the train. I played Crossy Road and read my […]

Short Story – Mist

By MoonlightWalnut A short story based on real happenings that occurred in London during around the 11th December to the 13th December 2013 The grey sky was bright in comparison to the misty ground below. The fields were a blur of green and teal as the train carriage […]