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The Classic Tale of Timothy and The Crocodile

Timothy and The Crocodile

Timothy was a shy, yet reckless child. At seven years old, he had split his head open, broken his arm twice, broken both his legs and had half a lung removed. Nonetheless, he continued in this manner. In April, Timothy’s governess arranged to send him off to a bat walk. Gladly, the little boy followed all the staff and listened to the bats with a wise interest. As the group passed a pond, a rather large crocodile emerged from the water. Its skin was a muddy brown, with awkward pimples coating it, and his eyes, oh his eyes, were a pure amber. Timothy’s gaze fixed upon the eyes of the crocodile. He thought that it would do him no wrong. Those trusting amber eyes enchanted the boy. Carefully, Timothy edged towards it, he stuck his hand out and…


Where had Timothy gone? Oh my, the crocodile had eaten him and boy did he enjoy it.  Timothy cried out from within the speckled belly of the beast.

“Could yer please let me out? I really need the loo.”

The crocodile looked scared, as if death himself had appeared in front of him. With a lurch and a cough, Timothy was out of the beast.

The moral is always go on bat walks because you will always find crocodiles.

News and Announcements

Hello again and so sorry for the wait! Me and my brother were away in China for five weeks and since we couldn’t post anything there (neither would we have had the time anyways) we’ve had to keep you all waiting in (hopeful) anticipation. So, here it is: the Classic Tale of Timothy and the Crocodile. Go on, have a laugh.

For those who are interested in more serious ideals, I’m going to be writing up about some issues and topics concerning the world as well as reviews on China and possibly a few films too. Also, going to be releasing some batches of photos from all sorts of places-Athens, Cornwall, Minecon, and China too!

Once again, so sorry for the wait! Enjoy!


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