About Us

Welcome to Nuts About Everything! Here we talk about the everyday stuff to random nonsense, from debates, reviews, places to go and just anything really, be sure to check in every now and then to have a look at what we’re doing!

We are always looking for new members to post their ideas here, serious, interesting or just for fun, so if you want to join or just do a one off either comment on one of the posts or just message me directly, at

amy.r.jiang@gmail.com (to get a new provisional email which will be used just for the blog and all other related things)

Our team (at time of edit):

Amy-MoonlightWalnut (Lead Editor and Co-Founder)

Charlie-Lews Therin (Co-Founder and Editor)

Lila-itchynosedmermaid (Contributor)

Aanya-aanyaarora (Contributor)

Catherine-ccoggan (Contributor)

Téa-yellowminionsrule (Contributor)

Alex (Alexandria)-dangerbirdy (Contributor)

Nishi-bandsbooksboys (Contributor)

-Last edited 1st of September 2015

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  1. MoonlightWalnut is this your blog!? It’s really cool and I love the style! So much better than mine, I hope to be as good as your stuff one day. -Diya

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