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Highland Hideout 5 – The Highlands and Oban

Thursday 27th October

Note to self: TODAY IS THE DAY. On my lucky number too.


Today was mainly comprised of driving through the unparalleled beauty that is the Scottish highlands. Never mind the bad weather and heaps of roadkill (including that pheasant we may have by accident ran over, I’m so sorry), the sights are still spectacular. The mist only seems to shroud the mountaintops in mystery and intrigue, making them even more interesting.


McCaig’s Tower.

After driving all the way back up to Fort William since Gerald’s mum forgot her bag there when we went to Ben Nevis and Loch Ness (still looking for Nessie), we then had to drive all the way back down again to Oban. This place brings back fond memories of when I visited the last time I came to Scotland; we were situated more on the left hand side of the area and went to the many famous islands, such as Jura, Islam, Mull and Skye (although I can’t say much about that last one, no offence), and lived in a little village called Cairnbaan. I looked after some fish from a nearby Loch and fed them little bits of blueberry muffin that the owner of the house had made for us. The nearest supermarket was a Co-Op about thirty minutes away, it was freezing all the time and we were next to this noisy canal that (obviously) never shut up. I loved it anyways.


A grey day at the Oban bay.

In Oban, after going to McCaig’s Tower, where we very cruelly chased a hapless plump rabbit round and took some pictures of the sights. The road up is pretty steep to say the least: living here is not my cup of tea.


Had lunch at the Wetherspoon’s-remarkably busy for a pub on a weekday lunchtime, but prices are very reasonable and the food is good. My mum had to grab some oysters from the local seafood bar outside, as well as two live crabs that we cooked for dinner. Still not a big fan of boiling our hard-shelled friends (even Hitler disapproved), but ah well, what can I do? I am Chinese and have Chinese parents.

Food at the Corryvreckan in Oban.

Then it was a long, steady drive through Loch Lomond and the Trassochs, the Cairngorms and Tay Forest, passing Loch Tay. We managed to get down to the shore, where there suddenly seemed to be the strongest wind in existence, blowing hats off and all. A hundred metres away it was as calm as a summer day. My geography teacher will surely explain. We also passed the small village of Killin, which I would definitely recommend visiting for its beautiful Falls of Dochart.


Beautiful autumn hues.

Also passed Kenmore, at the tip of the Loch: quite a nice place, very modern, all stylish homely buildings with all kinds of luxurious facilities nearby, as well as Teymouth Castle. Would very much like to get to know the person who lives there.



So I’m going into my first year of A Level’s in a few days, and I’m not taking English as one of my subjects. I’ve thought about it a really long time and I think it’s the right choice, but I still really love writing and reading so will try to find time to write some posts in the future. I also have another writing project ongoing at the moment but that one’s more personal to me.

One more Highland Hideout and then who knows what I’ll write next! Something about the environment probably. Anyways, hope summer was great, have a good day everyone.


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