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Food Review – Eat Tokyo (King Street, Hammersmith)

*Something is coming soon! For now, have this đŸ˜€ So sorry for the delay in posts-explanation in next one.

Tonkatsu bento box, with miso soup
Went into this small, cramped looking Japanese restaurant off King Street expecting knock-off Japanese meals for a hefty price. What I got was the complete opposite-the food was all priced very decently for Hammersmith and the size of the servings, the place was completely packed and the food itself just blew me away. To find this place amongst the commercialized high street of Hammersmith was a gem!

I had the pork tonkatsu bento box meal, which comes with miso soup, which was warm and filling. The bento box size was great-they give a proper full pork cutlet, as well as rice, these double fried tofu in a slightly sweet sauce, two pieces of sushi and a salad. They also have lots of different authentic Japanese drinks which I would definitely recommend trying as you are unlikely to find them anywhere else!

Only point that isn’t really a negative is that the menu size is massive. Trying to find what you want to order can really take some time, so make sure you keep that in mind if you visit! They are always adding new seasonal and special editions which is great as well.

Chicken karaage!
Original Review below (I’ve been so many times after this, but I thought I might as well give you the first one I ever wrote from this place):

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