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UN How Countries Voted – Condemning Humans Rights Abuses Against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

Happy New Year guys! I’ve been a little quiet this end of the decade with A Levels and uni prep, and my mocks are in five days. And so I was just sitting at my desk, confused out of my mind with Chemistry when for some reason on a Chem forum there was a related link to the results from the UN’s 45th meeting, specifically on the Rohingya issue in Myanmar at the moment. There was a link to how countries voted so I thought this would be a fun little way to procrastinate whilst ‘pretending’ this is Geography revision. Certain countries and city states weren’t included on this map so I couldn’t fill them in (I also had a better map in general but it saved the wrong way and I can’t be bothered to redo the whole thing, so.) Maybe I’ll post something soon. Most likely not though rip


Happy New Year! 😀


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