A Rant: End of an era. The Dog and Gun in Keswick

Useful source for my NEA and as apologies for my absence you can have this for now :3 sorry folks! ~MW


dog and gun keswick
The charming and legendary Dog and Gun, Keswick.

Well, it’s that time again – another rant concerning a subject that is close to my heart. It is with great sadness to see the end of an era for a cherished and legendary walkers pub in Keswick – The Dog and Gun. A place that only very recently been nominated in the TGO Awards for ‘pub of the year’ which is rather ironic as you’re about to see.

I’ve got many happy memories of times spent in this traditional Lakeland establishment over the years. Often consisting of necking several locally brewed ales, followed by stuffing my face with their famous Hungarian goulash – all post hikes from the nearby fells. In the winter months you would often see me propping up the bar while video kit was on charge in a socket nearby. I’ve held meetings there, insisted on social gatherings…

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