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Highland Hideout 3 – Maison de Moggy and Edinburgh

NB: I know it’s been a while since I posted this series (as well as actually being around two years in real life XD) But there you go. I’m writing another film review at the moment, so maybe one day it will come out! ~MW


Tuesday 25th October

Doesn’t time fly by so quickly? Went on the long drive to Edinburgh today, getting on the Forth Bridge passing the old Forth Road Bridge built in the 1890’s or around then. Quite fascinating how technology has advanced since then, although it’s still incredible. The mist covered the peaks of the bridges, and all you could see were the wires spreading out from them like spider webs.


Outside the entrance to Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh has a nice feel to it-very much like how Paris has a nice feel to it-and the castle is pretty amazing, situated on its noticeable lofty perch on the annoyingly sloped incline. Didn’t stay until the one o’clock gun, however, and neither did we hear it, because after a quick lunch at China Red (I told you already, there’s no hope) we went to Maison de Moggy for our two hour session which we had booked in advance. Maison de Moggy hosts twelve cute and cuddly cats of all shapes and sizes where you can relax, have a cuppa and spend most of your time trying to make sure one of them doesn’t stuff their face with your slice of cake.


Guillermo, watching the world go by.


Coco! (She’s sleeping)

My personal favourites were Sebastian, the just slightly plump ginger who loved to stare out the window to the passers by and was a little shy baby, and Coco, who had a lovely jet black fur. Her eyes are like little pools, so curious and inquisitive. Elodie, the only Sphinx in Europe, was also quite the adventurous one-also likes to eat cake and sip little bits of your drink, so you better watch out. Also had a quick stop for a drink at Chatime, on my friend Catherine’s request.


Calton Hill

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