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A Pretty Amazing Theme Park

Located in China’s province of Guangdong, bordering Hong Kong, is Chimelong Paradise-or rather, one of the best theme parks I’ve ever been to. Whilst it’s a good idea to visit before the schools break up if you want to get enjoyment out of your visit at all, this place far exceeded any of my expectations and I highly recommend that you visit if you are in the area by any chance.

(Taken from my TripAdvisor, nearly verbatim)


We went just before the schools broke up in China, so as to avoid the horrendous queues we had heard about from other thrill-goers, but it was an amazing summer’s day, with completely clear skies but not too hot. There were plenty of rides which were all open-no randomly closed attractions without notice, like in many theme parks in the UK and Disneyland Paris. We went as the place opened with our two day pass to both the water park and Chimelong Paradise, and found that we hardly had to wait five minutes before going on the Dive Coaster. I love how long each of the rollercoaster’s are-the Ten Inversion Rollercoaster does go by quite quickly but the ten loops make for an exhilarating feeling, especially if you’re on the front row!

The motorbike speed coaster was incredibly fast (and felt a lot like Stealth, since the rollercoasters at both parks are made by the same company) and riding on the motorbike made me feel like I was going to fall off at any second, but I wish it had gone a little bit higher. Once again, the food exceeded our expectations-we had a pork dish with rice as well as some delicious lemon juice which, although being a little pricey, was still amazing and enough for two people.


The longest waiting time we had for any of the rollercoasters was only an hour, and that was not even for the most scary ride! The staff were very nice and honestly I had a fantastic experience. The fact that there are seats for the queues is great as well! Can’t wait to come back someday.


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