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Happy Christmas and New Year!

Hi all, thanks for another year reading this blog! (If you do, of course hahahahaaha. Ha.)

I’m going to be very busy next year with GCSEs, but I’ll try to keep posting once or month. Not got any ideas at the moment though-maybe I’ll post some art I drew or something, I dunno.

Possible projects for next year:

-Continuation of Highland Hideout

-Probably more posts about food

-Bitcoin maybe (thanks to Loos)


-Thinking of opinion posts be like

-Some emotion-fuelled post about Infinity War (and the relationship between a particular red android and a person with the ability to potentially wipe out all of mutantkind) (is it okay to use mutant now that FOX has been bought off?)

-Potential Twitch streaming of games starting up next year! Most likely Overwatch, Skyrim, anything on Steam really haha

Anyways, hope you all have a lovely 2018. I know we all said 2017 was hopefully going to be better than 2016 and we all saw how splendidly that went, so erm…let’s just hope nothing blows up.


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