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My Holiday in Scotland

Day 1:

So, this is day one of my half term. I got to the train station an hour early. I want to PLATFORM 9 3/4 , then the Harry Potter Shop. I read my book. I got on the train. I played Crossy Road and read my book for 6 hours…

Day 2:

… and got off the train at 1 in the morning. Then I went to bed. But although I went to bed at 3 am, I have to get up at 6 am, a mere 3 hours of sleep away, so I can go to help at the riding stables. So, at 7 am, I am out exercising Shadow, the hardest horse to control. And he has not been ridden for 2 DAYS!

Well, after the most undignified gallop that I have ever had on a horse, I mucked out a few stables. Then I ate lunch. Then, I walked for an hour, leading this 5 year old girl on a horse.

At 5, I went home, back to Granny’s house. I had ‘tea’, a meal around 6 o’clock, where you sit down and eat CAKE! This is why I love going to stay with my family.

Day 3:

Another early start, and then I got to exercise Star and Lucy. Although they’re not too hard, there is a reason why they were nicknamed ‘Lazy’ and ‘Bitey’. The rest of the day was generally spent mucking out stables and leading horses.

When I got home, I had tea again, and then, read my book – The Golden Age of Crime – I really recommend it!

Day 4:

Thankfully, Monday is the horses’ day off, so I didn’t need to help out! Instead I stayed at home, and as it was raining, I sat and read my book in front of the fire. Then, after lunch, I went to see Major General Michel being initiated as Governor of Edinburgh Castle. It was a lovely ceremony, and, although it took one and a half hours to get there, it was definitely worth it! After, I got to go to a special dinner, for ‘Friends and Family of the Governor’. I managed to get through 4 hours of Family and Friends, without deviating from the subjects of 1.the weather 2.the Ceremony and relation to Major General Mike. It was exceptionally boring.

Day 5:

When I arrived, there was an escaped horse! Mickey had escaped. (A huge, headstrong carthorse.) This meant that my friend (Natalie) and I got the wonderful job of hunting him down and grabbing him. First, we searched in The Fields, then, in the woods, before attempting to find the naughty horse in the village. When he was finally found, it turned out that he was in the dungheap. As it had been raining, the huge stinking pile of horse muck was surrounded by a ‘moat’ of mud and muck. When you entered it, you would sink down to just under the top of your boots in the stuff. Really, it is gross. So, me and my friend braved the dungheap, grabbed Mickey, then, when he was going through the ‘moat’, he suddenly pulled free of me, but my stubborn friend Natalie held on, until she was shaken off, in the middle of the moat! She ended up absolutely covered in muck.

She did shower when she go back to the stables, but assures me that she still smells of horse muck.

Day 6:

Day 6 was a fairly uneventful day. I only tacked up and exercised horses, although, I got my foot trodden on and still have a hoof-shaped bruise on my foot! I got home, and read my book!

Day 7:

Today, I am on the train, going back to London! Although, when I woke up, I was amazingly stiff from 3 hours of riding yesterday, I was sad not to be helping out with the horses. I got on to the train at 10 o’ clock, and sat on the train until 5. When I got home, I happily devoured my dinner and have just finished writing this…

News and Announcements

  • Hope everyone’s having a lovely half term. I’ll be doing something soon most likely. I think I’ll be copying my posts that I place of Trip Advisor for certain places here, instead of writing them out twice.