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Game Review – The Last of Us – PS3

Reviewed by: MoonlightWalnut

My very first game review, comment or suggest what I should add to my next game review! (Skyrim/Minecraft)


The Last of Us’ storyline is that of a meticulously created and ingenious idea which leaves you hanging (literally) and hammering for more. With the Last of Us: Left Behind DLC released a few months ago now, the new gameplay has only left us with salt in our wounds. (aka. We want more.)

The Last of Us relates to us the tumultuous journey of Joel and Ellie, a determined survivor with a sad past and a fourteen your-old feisty teenager who together have to cross the epic which is the remains of the once-proud city now turned into rubble, moss and zombles which grow mushrooms on their heads to get to a secret research lab unknown to most people, if any (that are alive, that is.). With close encounters, emotional backlines and maniacal dead guys roaming free, you’ll have no heart if you don’t cry at least once during gameplay-and if you never die you’re surely a hacker, or just some ridiculously skilled gamer who dresses up as Mandrew every Sunday. Seriously, if you’ve played this game before you’ll understand (which is why I’m writing this review, to make you play it, duh).


Playing on a PS3, the controls are never skippidy-doo-daa, do-what-you-like to them, but instead fixed and unchangeable. It’s not exactly a problem but sometimes you wish you didn’t have to fiddle your fingers until they ache every time a clicker comes a-clicking.

The buttons for the PS3 gameplay system is pretty functional and works alright, but you need to be pretty nifty at switching hands and moving and finding fiddly bits of jutting-out joysticks in mid-shot-and plain view of your enemies; they could be bandits, prime antagonists or best friends gone mental (who knows? Maybe you just shot the guy from work this morning) with zombie-like moves (thoughts?) Most moves take time, and time is a very valuable aspect of The Last of Us.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are exceptionally detailed and realistic in this future-pandemic world of chaos and unlawful justice-it won a whole pile of awards at the BAFTA games, including  Best Story and Best Action/Adventure as well as Audio Achievement and one of the biggest awards, Best Game. Obviously you can see that other competitors such as Tearaway and Bioshock Infinite were no match for Last of Us’ realistic graphics, and a matching contender with the year’s main release of the long awaited GTAV (will do a review, probably).

‘With an awesome storyline comes a great graphic and sound design’ they say. Probably.

The graphics and sound quality comes together to make a perfectly audio-visual game and world to play in, with eloquent and untouched forests with shady sunlight streaming in through the treetops, burned out and infected cities with debris and deserted cars everywhere, to trickling rivers and ruined roads filled with potholes (much like our streets today, if you think about it). The joined touches together make for a perfectly surreal and enticing game to play on, bringing the game to life. Sometimes you don’t even see the difference between artificial and real life, because they just end up merging together after a few late nights staying up until three slashing at random things that flutter by the window.


Overall, if you’re looking for a complex, visually and graphically stunning game with a beautiful storyline that will leave you without a tissue box (or tissues) within five minutes and grasping for more. A lovely game to play, even if it is a bit teary sometimes.

Get the game here , or you can visit the wiki for The Last of Us to find out more about all the characters and settings. Cheerio and goodbye! Hope you enjoyed.


Will try to post more things during this half term. Look forward to some more game reviews and stuff as well as my trip to China. If you have any comments or suggestions about how to improve my game reviews please leave a comment in the box below. Also, if you’re looking to join a blogging website please talk to my brother Loos or me, he can sign you up with your personal blog which we won’t edit or do anything-it’s free to use for you, only that it’s linked to ours.


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