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TRIP TIME! Singapore (and some other stuff and news)

Hi my blogging friends! It’s me again-MoonlightWalnut.

Before you say anything, I know I promised to release all the reviews on China around the couple of days after posting that TRIP TIME! Beijing, China post. However, we didn’t have much time to do that (as you can tell.) Therefore, we are scrapping the -PART OF THE TRIP TIME CHINA- stuff and we will just say what’s it about in the title, and if that isn’t enough, the first few lines of the post. My brother, LewsTherin, is in Singapore at the moment and will therefore will be releasing a definitely certifed not-up-to-date journal of things to do, and stuff to do. Me-I’m still here, don’t worry.

Hopefully you’ll be expecting posts on these topics:

  • Skyrim (PS3) Legendary Edition: The Elder Scrolls V (game review-first ever!)
  • The Wheel of Time (each individual book) (book review)
  • Dona Theresa (food review)
  • L’atara (or however you spell it) (food review)
  • Birdland (trips and places to visit review)
  • Bourton on the Water (places to go)

Also be prepared to expect anything-this is Nuts about everything, of course! If I’m clever enough to figure out how to record Skyrim (it is said that Skyrim is a very angry game to record, especially on fraps) you may see some…interesting…playthroughs…of stuff…yeah…

See you bloggers around!


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