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Hey bloggers, sorry it’s me again!

We have three new bloggers-Aanya, Catherine and Sarah! They will be joining Lila, who is already part of our team as a contributor, as well as Charlie (obviously) and me. I also have two one-timers writing up some stuff for you guys, although there’s no definitive deadline for when they’re going to be done.

This is just an update on what everyone’s up to at the moment:

Amy-Athens, Cornwall, Cute Animal Pictures

Charlie-Singapore, Restaurants

Lila-Rats, Bats, Cats


Catherine-UK Political Opinions



Just going to point out that the majority of us are going to be having our May exams very soon, so if there is a slight shortage in posts in the next couple of weeks please excuse us as we are quite busy revising!

Also, I’d just like to mention my new Google+ community called Q&A on Anything!, which you can find more about here! The idea is that if you have any questions, whether it’s about school, general knowledge, a random fact/trivia or just a brainteaser you want to test out come ask us and someone will know the answer! It would be really great if you could just hop on and have a look and maybe join!

Thanks for all the support everyone-it’s been great!


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