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News – New Members

Hey bloggers, sorry it’s me again! We have three new bloggers-Aanya, Catherine and Sarah! They will be joining Lila, who is already part of our team as a contributor, as well as Charlie (obviously) and me. I also have two one-timers writing up some stuff for you guys, […]

Unlucky or Karma?

Today my best friend, who goes to Roedean Boarding School in Brighton, was having drama when someone turned on one of the mainstream lights at her two-day old Kath Kidston bag and burnt a huge hole in it. She also twisted her finger whilst playing sports outside. Thought […]

Back to School!

Hello blogging friends, High school will be starting in two days, and unfortunately I won’t have as much time to blog and post stuff for you guys. Most posts will probably be on weekends from basically now on. I’m working on a Brighton Pier – England post and […]