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News – Minecraft Servers, Cornwall and Languages

Hi guys, MoonlightWalnut here.

You may have noticed the recent publication of the new Athens Day 3 Part 1 post. If you haven’t come check it out here, and if you have well done you!

So me and my brother have gotten back from Cornwall. It was pretty fun, and I made a couple of new buddies too, if you haven’t seen the cover picture yet! Yep, that’s a baby Shetland pony I met in Dartmoor who I called Cloudy. I think by the end I must have been licked all over. Anyways, now we’re back, back to posting! Kind of.

I’ve got the remainder of Athens Day 3 coming up on the next couple of consecutive days and I’m trying to start Day 4. I’m also going to be publishing an ‘animal photos’ page with all the cutest cats, dogs and whatnot from Athens. There’ll also be a one from Cornwall as well, since there were some pretty cute animals including Cloudy.

We are starting up a new server! It’s not official yet, especially since I first want to do some adventure packs with Lews, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be going up soon. Stay tuned to see it growing!

Finally, I’m learning some new languages. One is Quenya, the Elvish language and the ‘book’ version. I chose it instead of Sindarin, which is the ‘movie’ language since apparently people who study either Finnish or Latin seem to grasp Quenya quicker than with Sindarin, which has references to Gaelic, Welsh and Irish. The other is Java-mainly because I’m setting up a server amongst other things.

See you soon! And don’t forget, you can still join our team! Email me at

if you do want to join! Thanks a lot for reading!


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