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Paris – Our Hotel

NB: Gonna post some of the iconic TripAdvisor reviews I did, including the best and worst ones, check them all out here.

Firstly, we booked a two bedroom room at Citadines La Defense, next to the pathway where we come in from the train station nearby, it had quite a lot of space but there wasn’t much of an outside view. To make things worse it was always extremely noisy due to it being close to some major roads leading into the CBD at Esplanade and all the workers moving down the road at nearly all times of day. The beds were large and comfortable and there was a small kitchenette as well as a bathroom (no en suite). However everything looked a little run down-plaster chips at the wall, scratched table tops and dim lamps. The window appeared more encasing rather than being a letter in of fresh air. Nevertheless, it had a good location being so close to La Defense tube station, where we could travel to basically anywhere in Paris, including Versailles and Disneyland, as well as being quite cheap, so if you’re looking for price over quality, this is probably the place.

We also visited a restaurant, however it had very average, touristy food.We were looking for somewhere to eat after visiting the Basilique up top, decided to come here since the menu looked decent and there were plenty of people in the restaurant. The owner obviously could tell we were tourists and tried very hard to be very friendly, offering us drinks etc. There wasn’t a lot of English on the menu so I had to interpret most of it using my pre-GCSE French for our large group of six, but I managed to order everyone onion soups and then a range of different foods, including sandwiches, leg of pork with potato (diced into odd little cubes) and spaghetti bolognese. The onion soup was pretty nice, with some cheese and bread on the side, and the leg of pork was pretty good with a great sauce. My spaghetti bolognese was a bit odd however, as there wasn’t actually any tomato sauce with it, just cheese and mince on top of thin noodles. It wasn’t the most agreeable meal but for its price not too bad I guess. Wouldn’t come again though due to its touristy aura. Link to this review below.


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