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Paris – Disneyland

On  the second day we went to Disneyland-what a magical place this was! Although some of the rides at Chimelong (review-possibly never? With my wonderful timing schedules) were definitely much more thrilling, Disneyland’s attention to detail on each of the rides’ decor and the lovely staff really brightened the day.


Unfortunately I was sick on the day we visited, but regardless to say I still had the time of my life coming here! Bought a joint ticket visiting both parks and Walt Disney is smaller so we visited here first. That’s not to say it doesn’t have less incredible rides!

We came when the doors opened so there were very small queues for most rides. We headed straight for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, which was quite incredible! The decor inside the hotel was really detailed, as well as the library once you go inside. All the staff were very friendly and courteous, very kindly moving us to another ride as the one we were on wasn’t working before we went up to the top of the tower. I’ve been on similar vertical drop rollercoasters at Winter Wonderland in London, but I preferred this version as me (someone who isn’t scared of any rollercoasters) hated this ride at WW since I could see the scenery and view around me, however being mainly concealed in the dark, despite some saying it’s more scary, was much better for me although you see the little bit at the top for the camera before rushing back down again. You do it several times (3 I think) and it starts and stops as you go down which makes it even more exhilarating.

Next we went to the Rock ‘n Roll rollercoaster with Aerosmith (who I love so). It’s a super fast paced ride and I managed to get a front row seat! It goes at 60m an hour I think or something like that and seeing the timer tick down before being whooshed away is terrifying! The ride is full of loops and twists although it is quite dark and can be a little hard to see what’s going on, still awesome though!

We then went over to Toon Studio, which had lots of amazing rides, such as RC Racer (which in my opinion should last a bit longer and go a little higher as I’ve gone on higher ones at Winter Wonderland as it only does about 4 sweeps I think with the last one being the largest and that’s it) and the Ratatouille ride, which had the longest queue of an hour I think, and all the queueing eventually made me throw up (into a bag, don’t worry) since I felt sick again, but the staff were enormously friendly and very kind, helping to dispose the bag and asking me if I was alright. Once I got on the ride everything was alright-it’s a 3D experience as you journey through the movie through Remi’s eyes, eventually ending up at the new restaurant. I must say that the staff throughout the park are genuinely the nicest I’ve ever met-very helpful, always courteous and friendly and just look happy to be here. I’m sure that inside they may not always feel like that, but I’m glad to see that they’re really making an effort with it.

We had lunch at the main plaza before heading to Disneyland Park, ready for more awesome rides! I will definitely come again to try Crush’s Coaster (it wasn’t open when we went)!

Then to the latter of the two parks-I’ve never been to Disneyland before but it was really as good as it seems in the adverts for it. Upon entering Disneyland you see the incredible castle which is just as large as you would think it is, and you can explore it all too! The main entrance is lovely and the park members are so sweet and genuinely seem happy to be doing their job. Walked down the main boulevard just in time to catch the parade-what a performance! Once again, everyone really does seem to be enjoying what they’re doing, even though they must do it everyday, playing with the little kids and waving to the audience.

When we went we were very lucky as there were not as many people around as there are normally, even though it was in half term. This meant that we hardly had to queue for too long for many of the rides, including Space Mountain, which was actually incredible! I managed to get a front row seat and is truly terrifying watching the counter tick down before being blasted into a jet of smoke into the ride…albeit the ride is a little dark making it hard to see quite what’s going on, but you can definitely feel the drops and loops! Not jerky and the ride didn’t give me a headache by having my brain smashed around all the place, very exhilarating and would definitely ride again!

We then went on the Autopia ride, which was pretty awesome and entertaining apart from the fact that on the downwards spirals especially it can be hard to see where the cars are, leading us to bump quite violently into the people below us (and then be subsequently bumped by the people behind us). But it was lovely to drive a period car and it was a long ride too!

We left Discoveryland and headed for Fantasyland, taking some pictures of the castle as we went along with the evil Witch who was looking very sinister indeed! I was with a boy my age so we went for the large rides like the Indiana Jones one, which was only about a ten minute queue max. This ride is much more bumpy and thrill-seeking, since you’re just in a small mine wagon which topples and turns over the loops and drops very quickly and suddenly! The detail on each ride is phenomenal, it really made me feel like I was living the experience rather than just being on a generic rollercoaster. Advetureland itself has many sights to behold all over the place, from hidden caves at Adventure Isle to Robinson’s hideout in the treetops which you can climb, as well as the large pirates ship. Unfortunately Big Thunder Mountain was closed when we visited, but hopefully next time I’ll get to go on it!

We went on the Pirates of the Caribbean experience, which wasn’t very splashy as suggested but once again had an incredible scenery, especially the beginning where you pass the dimly lit cafe. We headed back to the main plaza to watch the main parade (it was Halloween when we went) and unfortunately due to my sickness we had to leave before the fireworks, but it was definitely a day well spent!

Walt Disney Review

Disneyland Review

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