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Food Review – Pizza Factory (Beijing)

This is from my TripAdvisor, or here’s a link to the page directly. Going to have a short break then move onto Scotland! Exams are finally over I’m so glad



I was expecting this to be a tacky, half-attempted version at an Italian restaurant when I went here with my relatives during my summer holidays along with my friend. Turns out this place is actually incredibly good and if you’re in the area I highly suggest going here.

Firstly, the decor is very nice and stylish, giving a nice ambience to the restaurant. The waiters are all very nice and friendly and you can get free jugs of tap water from the drinks bar. The menu is not too limited and the food arrived in good time, and was very nice. I had a great lemon tea and spaghetti bolognese, along with a delicious pizza which was thin and crispy, not thick like the American types. Ate my full but there wasn’t anything left over and was pretty happy with the bill. Can’t wait to come again this summer!

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