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News – Robins, Nutty Things Minecraft Server and New Theme

Hello everyone, MoonlightWalnut here!

As you may have noticed our blog has once again edited its theme to a Premium Theme called Chronicle, it seems to be working pretty well so far where as Eighties just didn’t show up as well on tabloids and phones which is why we decided to switch. If you have any comments, don’t be afraid to tell us, good or bad!

Now for some amazing news: we have three baby robins in our house! The family has taken up residence just above the bins in a small alcove (funny place to put a nest, I know) and I’ll keep you updated as much as I can on their progress! The robins have always come to our house at this time of year, although a couple of years ago they disappeared for a while before finally returning here. The featured image at the top of this post is the one image we took before quickly closing the door. Names anyone?

Updated: The three baby robins have promptly grown up and have now flown away. We are very proud and hope they come back next year!


Finally, we have got a proper dedicated 24-hour Minecraft server up and running! At the moment we’re still testing and it’s still on an adventure map (Fable of the Five, a Lord of the Rings adventure map) but feel free to check it out. If you are good at building or know any form of world edit etc. tell us and you can help us build the hubs and different mods! The server IP is this:

Here’s to the future of Nutty Things!


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