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Minecon 2015, Cornwall and Exam Results!

Hello bloggers. Hope you’re all getting excited about Easter. I’ve got some fancy stuff to tell you, so keep reading:

1. Me and Lews are going to MINECON 2015! For those who don’t know, it’s a Minecraft convention similar to Comic Con and such that occurs every year. This year, it’s being held at the ExCel at the Royal Victoria Docks, London. As we live in England it’s a lot easier for us than other people-anyways, it’s happening on the 4th and 5th of July (weekend) however if you are interested I’m afraid all the tickets are sold out (in fact, they sold out quite a while ago).

I have absolutely no idea what’s going to be happening; I’m going to be dressing up though, so if you guys could think of a good costume for me to wear that would be awesome! Also, all the famous YouTubers including the Yogscast, SkyDoesMinecraft and sethbling will be there so if you want me to tell them you said hi when I’m there I’ll make sure I do! As well as all of this there will lots of interactive attractions, conventions and also a Saturday night party! And all attendees who have Minecraft will get the special fancy Minecon cape! I can’t wait!

2. Tomorrow, me and my brother are going to Cornwall. I know I haven’t finished with the Athens posting yet but I’ll see if I can find some space to finish that off; it just takes a really long time for me to write up each post, since when I type I end up writing about 2,000 words min. nowadays and after inserting all the pictures, uploading to Windows Live Writer (which is extremely helpful in keeping my fonts when posting them onto WordPress, who annoyingly won’t allow them). I’ll most likely be doing my Cornwall posts at the same time as Athens, so it might get a bit jumbled up and you’ll have to search it. I will be back on Wednesday.

3. I got my piano and clarinet exam results back! Grade 8 Piano and Grade 5 Clarinet! I got Merits for both, so I’m pretty pleased.

Additional Notes:

The new bloggers will be coming over soon, I think.

On Sunday 12th April I’m having a big Minecraft get-together with my friends, if you’d like to find me go on the server Lichcraft, join up then find me between 4-10PM GMT. My IGN is shoreside. Hopefully see you there!

On Friday 24th April I’m going with my friends to see the new movie Age of Ultron!

Then on the next day I’m going with Lews to a filmmaking lecture by Raindance at King’s College London! Such fun :3

Happy Easter

-Moonlight Walnut (aka Elayne Snowhawk)

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