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Wheel of Time Fans take a Stand Against Bullies

If you haven’t heard already, the TV Producers of the 30-min pilot ‘White Dragon’ on FXX early in the morning about a month ago called REE are suing the late author’s widow and it’s all going to pieces. If you’d like to see the original review of the first book of the Wheel of Time I did way back in June, click here.

A Melange of Musings

I am a huge fan of the Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan. So much so we named our youngest daughter after a character. The series actually takes up quite a bit of my time. I am an admin for a few Facebook groups related to the subject.

It was in one of these groups that I had my faith restored a bit in humanity (or at least in people who know a good fantasy series when they read one)

Last night a member posted a harmless selfie asking what Wheel of Time character he looked like. Just something fun to do. Unfortunately it was not long before some other members took this as an opportunity to bully this young man.

Now I have never liked a bully, but a cyberbully is one of the lowest forms of a bully if you ask me. To hide behind a computer…

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