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Rat Protest

My little girlies have never bitten anyone. And neither do most pet rats

This is part of a rat protest I found while browsing for rat pictures. Whenever I tell someone I own rats, the common reaction is to shiver and say,

“Ew. Did you get them from the sewer?”

They are even more surprised when I say,

“No. These came from a fully qualified breeder with 10 years of experience and half her house is a playroom for the rats.”

This is a problem I find with other people. Did you pick them from the sewers? NO

Do they not realise that there is a rat loving community? What annoys me even more is when people fuss about the tails. One of my friends recently bought a rat from Pets at Home and his mum is paying to have the tail removed. Let’s spot the mistakes here:

No. 1: Buying rats from a pet shop. Rats should come from a breeder. From there, they have been handled from birth and cared for. Pets At Home can’t give you professional advice on how to care for the rat.

No. 2: Buying one rat. Let me get this straight with you: RATS ARE EXTREMELY SOCIABLE AND SHOULD COME IN PAIRS OR MORE. Right now, that rat is probably feeling alone and secluded in his cage with no one to keep him company. Rats need friends just like others too.

No. 3: Getting the tail removed. A rat uses his tail to balance and keep his temperature right. To remove it, the rat would probably live a shortened life and will be freezing unless kept in a boiling climate (and we all know how great the UK is for keeping us warm :/ )

Another problem- I don't like the tail. It's scaly. THE RAT CAN'T DO ANYTHING STOP BEING FUSSY.

I want to take the rat off him. That rat deserves a much better life. That’s all folks.

This is very true. All pet rats love cuddles.

Pet rats DO NOT carry diseases.


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Broke up for half term! But this means revising for me, so.

I have my Grade 4 Ballet Exam on Sunday! Wish me luck guys and have a wonderful Easter!