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Game Review – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Here, at last. The Gods have given me strength to write this: the game review for the Elder Scrolls V, or better known as




The Storyline of Skyrim takes you to the heart of Tamriel and proclaims you, the player, as the Dragonborn-one born with the power of the thu’um and destined to destroy Alduin, the World-Eater and a very large and angry dragon. But no, killing dragons is not your only task. There are so many side questlines I’d be here forever telling you them-the Dark Brotherhood, a secret organisation that dabs in death, the Thieves Guild, known for well, thieving I suppose-the companions, werewolves in disguise, not to mention the civil war going on in Skyrim with Stormcloaks at Imperials throats (I’m an Imperial, up with the Empire! Ahem.) –yes, you’ll have plenty to do. Not to mention there’s a DLC to with more dragons, vampires and giant spiders just waiting to kill you-you’ll have your work cut out to ever finish this game unless you turn devotee.

But otherwise, yeah it’s not bad. (Saves you having to read all that nonsense, doesn’t it?)


Playing on a PS3 once again, the controls are…adequate, at best. Sure, if you nudge your fingers round a bit, keep the correct fingers in the correct locations, move your thumb a bit, sit closer to the screen and generally spend a long time finger-dabbling you’ll get to a comfortable enough position ready for playing…until you start playing, where your hands just start splaying themselves everywhere as they try to do a shout and attack at the same time at a draugr, or block whilst ducking at a magicians fireball.

Graphics and Sound

Skyrim won over 200 awards, most going to best rpg and the like. It also one the ultimate game of the year award at the Golden Joystick Award Ceremony. In the GDC Awards it won Best Design, Best Technology, Best Audio (really loved the voice acting in Skyrim) and Best Visual Arts (no surprise there). Skyrim’s graphics and audio are known for their distinct beauty. See below:


And if you’d like to see and hear some of the brilliant voice actors, click the link here.

Of course, not unlike any other game ever there are problems with the graphics and more rarely the sound: I’ve witnessed flying horses, magical disappearing people and I have died in a wheelbarrow once (I blame the cabbages.) Sometimes the sound either repeats itself in a strange, augmented electronic way or just doesn’t work at all. Oh, yes, and once the map was just black. All black.


Needing a good rpg game filled with blood, guts and gore? And dragons? And literally everything from every fantasy game you’ve ever played ever (excluding aliens…I think)? This is most likely the thing for you. Get ready for beheadings, dragon riding and winy little kidsthis is Skyrim. 

News and Announcements

It’s nearly Halloween everyone! So if you haven’t been playing the spooked up version of Farm Heroes Saga, or buying pumpkins at your local supermarket, you probably should! I mean seriously, it’s like two days away. (Right? O_o don’t know my dates)

Also, for those who want to know where I got that super modified meme from (jokes) visit this fancy website which designs all sorts of weird memes.

Next up-Next days on Independence of the Seas! If you haven’t checked out the day by day blogging entries you should start here.

~Written by Moonlight Walnut, aka Elayne Snowhawk

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