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Independence of the Seas – Day 10

Moving from Toulon upwards towards Cadiz we had a rather boring day at sea after the tumultuous events of the previous days. I started off the morning by playing the Animal Kingdom Quiz in the Schooner bar with a befuddled American couple who weren’t the most helpful and the only help they gave us was the name for a female donkey (no need to repeat it here. 😉 ). We then went up to the Windjammer Café and had a filling lunch.

Afterwards we went onto the Royal Promenade on Deck 5 to exchange my WWF polar bear toy who’s lifeblood had quite literally started spilling out of the poor thing’s (ok so it’s not alive, so what? A bit of personification never hurt anybody) leg. Luckily they had a backup so we exchanged the toys.

In the late afternoon we went down to Studio B and watched another ice show, this time named Freeze Frame! In my point of view it wasn’t as good as the last one we watched, with less challenging moves and spectacular dresses. The evening’s mood, however, was wholly enlightened once again by our magician server Jesus (HE-zus) who performed all sorts of magic, balancing a knife and a fork conjoined on the length of a toothpick, which was itself balancing on the edge of a wine cup! (he also did origami) , our drink and bread server Lancelott and finally the Head Server Gheorghe from Romania.

We ended the day staying late out playing in the Arcade, getting tickets from Deal or No Deal? in order to win prizes.

News and Announcements

Today is Remembrance Sunday celebrating the centenary of WWI (1914) and hopefully we’ve all remembered our red paper poppies for Tuesday’s Armistice Day. Also you should probably check out the ceramic poppy memorial display at the Tower of London, have a look at this.


Lest we forget


~Written by Moonlight Walnut (aka Elayne Snowhawk)

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