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Newspaper – The Week-Old Times – Edition 28 – Part 4

The Week-Old Times

Full of Christmas cheer

Edition Twenty-Eight

Pet of the Day

·         Name: Bertie

·         Age: Five

·         Lives with: Gemma Simpson, Essex

·         Likes: Sunbathing, cuddles and kisses and smelly sock smelling!

Figure 6-Bertie, the beloved doggy

Santa Style

Thousands of people are preparing to become Santa Claus as the Charity Santa Run begins today in Victoria Park, East London.

Thousands more are also taking the hike up in Glasgow, although Rudolph was looking a bit peaky…

Figure 7-Rudolph the red-nosed man with a cold?

The Week-Old Times in bitesize chunks. Part 5 out as soon as we finish this race. (It’s the last one.)

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