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Newspaper – The Week-Old Times – Edition 28 – Part 5

The Week-Old Times

Full of Christmas cheer

Edition Twenty-Eight

And no partridge in a pear tree…

Thinking of getting a song tune on The Twelve Days of Christmas as a Christmas treat? You’ll be lucky to even find the partridges-or even the two turtle doves, as new records show that there is a massively declining number in these two bird species, as well as other well-known wildlife birds such as cuckoos, starlings and lapwings, whose numbers have all fell by at least a third since 1995.

There are in total sixteen new endangered bird species, the RSPB claims. However, ‘some bird populations are flourishing’, comments Dr. Mark Eaton.

Figure 8-Going, going, gone-the partridge numbers fall in decline

I think he likes me…

Diver Vincent Canabal’s been getting a bit close to comfort with the tiger sharks at Tiger Beach-almost too close.

Feeding the killer predators every day in the Bahamas, Vincent usually has a near-death experience as the tiger sharks first try to bite his head before the food that he’s offering. Luckily, it hasn’t gone wrong yet…

Figure 9-Feeding the bait to these ferocious biters…

That’s all for today folks!

Come back next time for our next edition of The Week-Old Times! We’ll miss you! Have a great Christmas everybody!

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