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Newspaper – The Week-Old Times – Edition 28 – Part 3

The Week-Old Times

Full of Christmas cheer

Edition Twenty-Eight


Figure 5-Get into the festive decorations at

Welcome to Flick-en

Recently a couple of cockerels have become a world-wide sensation after taking a couple of shots in Hollywood movie sets recreated, as a ‘gift’.

Twelve rooster cockerels star in remade famous movies, such as Batman, The Usual Suspects and Saturday Night Fever for a cockerel calendar with the chickens. The photographer, Dan Kennedy, says, “Since we can’t have real cockerels on our farms, it’s great to offer our broods some pin-ups.” The calendars will be sent to all British company producers as a Christmas gift.

The Week-Old Times in bitesize chunks. Part 4 out so quickly you won’t have time to reblog it before the next one is out.

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