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The Silmarillion, by J.R.R Tolkien


The Silmarrillion

I wasn’t always a Tolkien lover. To say the truth, I hated The Lord of the Rings until I was about eight, and then I grew to love it, as all Tolkien lovers would assuredly agree, gradually responding to its pitiful, beautiful and melodic words of love, enveloping me in the unwinding story of fantasy and unrevealed myth. The Silmarillion was no exception to this feeling, and I’m sure, if you’re curious enough to read it, you’ll feel just the same.

So, where do we begin? (Just to tell you, I have never written a book review before, comments would be much appreciated) The Silmarillion is, in truth, a story in a story. Revealing hidden facts about the wondrous world of Middle-Earth from the first age into the third, unwinding the mysteries including the love story of Beren and Luthien, the fall of the old Kingdoms, how Melkor became Morgoth and the amazing, beautiful and terrible tales of this land, it is a truly enchanting book, a must read for the world. I truly enjoyed it.

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  1. When people ask me to describe The Silmarillion, I generally say, “It’s like the Torah of Middle-Earth.” Honestly though, it’s more for hardcore fans. And since I’m in the early stages of learning Elvish, I’m fairly certain I can categorize myself as hardcore.

    Good review. Though you might want to add what you liked and didn’t like and what type of people might want to read the book and stuff of that nature.

    I love The Silmarillion as well. Did you watch the LOTR movie first or read the book? Oh and what is your favorite race (elves, dwarves, men, hobbits, etc.)?

    • Hi Veraina,
      I agree with you. This is my first time writing a book review and I’m generally new to doing this type of thing. Next time I write I’ll remember to add your suggestions in, as I’m writing about two other books I’ve recently read. Thanks.

      I believe I watched the movie first, quite by accident. We were having dinner and my brother randomly chose a channel and came up as LOTR. Although I didn’t know what it was, I did like it-when actually I thought I hated it! Of course I found out, got the book and read it. It was very surprising to me at first how Tolkien put so much detail into his words, as I was still pretty young then and had never really read this type of genre and style before, though I’m quite used to it nowadays. I guess my favourite race is probably going to be Men, even though they’re pretty weak-hearted and mortal. I like them the best because of how every now and then, you get that brave, hopeful soul that will change the fate of history, who will stand up to everything and say what he thinks is right. I know some people might say hobbits, but I just don’t find them all that cute and cuddly like some teddy bear. Some like elves, but the fact that they’re immortal really spoils it for me, don’t know why. Dwarves? No grudge against them, but no. Their hunger for pretty things and jewels are like magpies grabbing shiny things for their nest-which was the whole reason for their downfall (Moria, The Lonely Mountain, etc etc.)


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