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The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks

The Notebook

The Notebook was recommended by my brother, who, though, had never even read the book, seemed to be entitled to encourage me into reading it. It was unlike any book I have read before, as it says in its prologue:

‘The critics will call it a romance; the cynics will call it a tragedy, it’s a bit of both really.’

I agree with this.

The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks, is a story about Noah, a soldier who has just come back from the war and is trying to forget the traumas of the front by spending time over his girlfriend from high school, Allie, who he thinks will never see again…but when the past turns into the present, who knows what will happen?

This book made me laugh, made me cry, made me happy and sad. There are times when you feel you can’t believe what’s happening and times when you almost can’t even read the words on the print anymore. Most girls believe that this book is their favourite and I think that’s true for me. It’s not a feminine book but perhaps they like the storyline. It’s something new, in a whole new genre, with a whole section of literature to its own, with the most beautiful and tragic ending out of every love story I’ve ever read. Will bring tears to your eyes when you read it, and I really can’t say anything more than that. A beautiful story to read and cherish.


Praise for The Notebook

“A one-night read. . . Sparks generates authentic emotional power. . . If you are in need of a good cry, The Notebook is absolutely the right book.”

USA Today

“A more romantic testament to love’s enduring miracle than Robert James Waller’s The Bridges of Madison County.”

Library Journal

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