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Phoenix Palace, Baker Street

Phoenix Palace

My Time in this Restaurant

By MoonlightWalnut

WARNING:It’s a Chinese restaurant, so if you don’t like dim sum, off you go…

NB: This is part of the four-series day I had on the 24th of September, including visiting the London Dungeons -> , Sea Life -> and the Sherlock Holmes Museum ->


The food here is stylish and delicious. There is a truly varied selection of rice dishes, soups, desserts, dim sum and lots more. Some of the dishes can be ridiculously small, but then, this is London-the soup dishes are large enough to feed a whole family, for example, the duck egg and pork congee they serve is delicious and there’s plenty more for extra helpings on it. Food is served quick and fast in an elegant and stylish way, and although not totally fancy, does not look like what the dog ate for dinner. The flavouring of the food is holy; vapour rises from the steaming dishes and buns like a mystical genie and the food itself tastes just how you like it, but better. Very nice indeed. The prices are reasonable for a fashionable restaurant in the heart and soul of England, where tourists flock to every year, and the quantities can make up for the prices (most of the time.)

Food Rating: 9/10

Scenic and Seating etc.

Looks utterly magnificent from the outside, even if it is on some cramped London street which looks dull and grey with rain and road, 3D elements shining from the building like some beacon of light in a dark cave. Gold and red, being China’s ‘lucky’ colours, shine across the wall, with phoenixes with colourful feathers showing off their pride amongst the grey and black and brown of the streets. Inside looks like an Emperor’s palace; decorated silk chairs, paper lanterns on the ceiling, patterns and decorations lining the walls, ceilings and floors, and traditional paper-white covers for the carved wooden tables. You feel very royal when you eat there, I must admit.

Scenic and Seating Rating: 9/10


Although it may take some time for the dishes to arrive, the service is pretty good all in all. The waiters are efficient, rather, effective, most of the time, though sometimes the one can make a slip, place the wrong order or wrong dish on the table, or mess up the orders a bit. However they don’t dawdle for time. The food is always piping hot on arrival and the tea will be re-poured in a blink of an eye. Not bad, I suppose, but could do with some improving here and there.

Service Rating: 7/10


**”What the Chinese really think of Western food…” Metro, February 2012

**Less than a five minute walk from Baker Street, and very close to the Sherlock Holmes Museum on the high street.

**Almost three hundred different dishes to sample from…

**Really want to know what it looks like because you don’t believe me? Ok then.

Nice and pretty and stylish, right?

For more information, check out the Phoenix Palace restaurant website:

Or, telephone or fax them:

TEL: 020 7486 3515

FAX: 020 7486 3401

Don’t do phoning businesses? Email here:

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