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The London Dungeons – Westminster, England

The London Dungeons

This is the first part of a four-series reviewing and account of my exciting day on Sunday 24th September to Westminster, where we also went to a great restaurant, link to be put on soon ->, and the Sherlock Holmes Museum and Sea Life, links here soon -> , . It was certainly an enjoyable day-no rain, no clouds, no wind, not too busy-what more could you hope for? –MW

The London Dungeons, before you start asking, are now situated in Westminster after their recent moving, and are right next to the London Eye, Sea Life Aquarium and a McDonalds. (Irrelevant indeed.) The place is hardly crowded at all during the morning, so whether or not you’re booking, come nice and early to skip the queues and traffic.

The tour is done in a pretty large group, consisting of about twenty people overall, although I didn’t properly count. Maybe you like being in a large crowd, but I didn’t. It doesn’t give me the essence of excitement if I have a random stranger next to me holding a Nokia and taking pictures with it, carrying some Monsoon shopping.  Utterly ridiculous. Nevertheless, it’s very fun at the beginning with live actors performing and patrolling around the entrance area, taking a funny axe picture which you can purchase in keyrings, photos and the usual whatnot, amusing signs foretelling what happened to Henry’s wives and a couple of live rats to peek at, who are actually more cute then they seem.

I can’t exactly tell you everything-now that would spoil it-but live actors, performances, games, water and a lot of smelly stuff is coming your way as you go on the tour. There’s a water ride where you go backwards into the darkness, a glass maze that doesn’t seem to end, spooky blackouts and a drop-down rollercoaster at the end (mums, you can skip this, please breathe.) The actors seemed to really care about their work, I’m pretty sure the little ones will be wholesomely spooked and have nightmares about it, but the elders will just be wondering whether or not to buy a t-shirt at the end-enjoyable, but not that scary. Yet…

Experience Rating: 8/10


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