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The Whirlwind Romance of Dr. Doom and Scarlet Witch

Dr Doom and the Scarlet Witch’s convoluted relationship (like many other things in the X-Universe.)

Arousing Grammar

Y’know, if you list just their resumes, Scarlet Witch and Dr. Doom seem like a compatible couple.

Scarlet Witch (real name Wanda Maximoff), born and raised in Eastern Europe, is the daughter of Magneto.  She possesses the extremely powerful mutant power to alter reality and control Chaos Magic.  Dr. Doom (real name Victor von Doom). also born and raised in Eastern Europe, is the second most powerful sorcerer in the Marvel universe.  Plus he’s a technological genius and dictator of the country of Latveria.  But will Dr. Doom’s evilness get in the way of a healthy, happy relationship? Don’t worry, he has a plan.

Until 2004, Scarlet Witch had been a card-carrying member of the Avengers.  Devastated by the loss of her fictional children that she willed into existence, she took her anger out on the good guys, killing three Avengers and causing 99.9% of all mutants to lose their…

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