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Comic Characters – Magneto and Xavier

Magneto and Xavier in depth.

Video Games of the Oppressed

The X-Men succeed in spite of their actual content. I recently reread the entire run of Uncanny X-Men and let me tell you, most of it is terrible. The X-Men are so beloved and important because they are a bunch of hot mutant freaks who have crazy soap opera sex, catty fights, and TONS of kink, all with a backdrop that allows anyone to connect their struggle to it. Seriously, what else do awkward teenagers want? The X-Men comics are terrible at reflecting the real history of civil rights, but the fans are great at transforming the X-Men into something that does (while also thinking way too much about which mutants they would have crazy soap opera sex with). I know far, far too many people who love the X-Men but have never read an issue because the comics are impenetrably convoluted. More than any other comic franchise, the X-Men…

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