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UDON Maremagnum – Food Review

Location: Moll d’Espanya, 5 | CC. Maremagnum, 08039 Barcelona, Spain

Located right next to the Barcelona Aquarium in a large shopping centre, overlooking the harbour, it’s a beautiful area and thus quarry to floods of tourists (particularly the Chinese ones, to no surprise.). For all the long queues and awkward chairs however, this place is worth a visit.

I honestly absolutely loved this restaurant-I would definitely go again if I could. With some incredible inventions such as the chicken thai finger (3.95) and mixed rolls, which uses noodles instead of rice for the sushi to produce a astonishingly delicious result (5.15-we had two for 10.30) as well as some more traditional items such as the wakame salad (3.10) and Arizona teas, which until then I hadn’t seen anywhere in Barcelona (2.95). I had a Nabeyaki Udon for 10.95, which was more or less the average price for any bowl of noodles. It arrived quickly and was served in pretty large, Wagamama-esque quantities-it just tasted so much better than our native noodle bowl company. I downed my entire bowl before ordering more mixed rolls since it was all so wonderfully delicious (and just a littl addicting, really.).
My Nabeyaki udon-delicious.

My only two faults with this restaurant were the seating and the service. Worst till last, so firstly the seating. It wasn’t particularly comfortable and since you couldn’t move your chair at all you were bending forwards in order to eat your piping hot food. Also, the rows are quite narrow so if someone with a baby buggy or lots of bags (like myself!) comes to eat it can be quite difficult to actually get out. They could really have used their space up a lot more wisely, I think.

Secondly. The service was incredibly slow when we visited. The food itself, when actually ordered, was very fast but for about thirty or so minutes we were simply ignored by any staff member whatsoever. There was no apology when we finally managed to get their attention from waiting to people who had come in later than us (and then subsequently left earlier than us) and the staff were not inviting or very friendly at all, seeming rather surly. Apart from this, which slightly dullened our otherwise perfect meal, a must go. All in all the total price only came to about 77 euros for four people, so very reasonable indeed. A nice change from all the traditional salty seafood paellas in Barcelona (although I’m not saying it’s not nice!).

News and Announcements
  • Should have my trip in Barcelona followed up by a guide to it. Lila Wattis is currently writing up The Revenant.


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