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Iaia Cristina – Food Review

Location: Carrer de la Llacuna 22 | Esquina Con Carrer Ramon Turron, 08005 Barcelona, Spain (Poblenou)

This is a small, one of a kind little restaurant in Barcelona which just happens to serve the most incredible Spanish (and other European) food at the most reasonable prices, at least for the area, a typical tourist hub.

This restaurant is located right across to Illunion Hotels and is very close to the beach, but honestly is the star of all three of these places. It already looks sophisticated and very nice from the outside, with a beautiful and clean decor. Inside they have large panel windows so that the sunlight can filter in-absolutely lovely feeling, which is very relaxing, which sometimes cannot happen in other restaurants and you feel cramped in as a result.

We went here twice-the first time for breakfast, where I had a ham and cheese toastie for 2.50 euros, which was very delicious and hot. My parents had croissants which had something in it that just made it incredible-it makes my mouth water to even think of it!

Ham and cheese toastie early in the wintry morning. The mini Christmas tree is quite adorable.

Then, on the day we left we had it for lunch. It was certainly the cheapest meal we had had in all our time at Barcelona, even though the amount and quality was still superb and possibly even better than a lot of the other restaurants we had visited. My brother ordered a pizza capricciosa for 9.50, which was very nice indeed. I ordered a spaghetti bolognese which came in a plentiful serving at only 9.90 euros, as well as also being beautifully presented. Also, at lunch they were doing a deal of a paella for 2 with sangria for 25 euros which my parents had-it was lovely, not too salty. Even though all this was enough to make us full it only cost about half of what all other restaurants had cost in Barcelona-only 48.40! You really should go if you are chancing by the area, since they are open nearly all the time. Much better prices and food compared to the restaurants on the high street, which have higher prices due to its location.

The spaghetti bolognese-refreshing and cleansing!

Service, although their English wasn’t great, was absolutely lovely. Maybe they were a bit slow but since we were on holiday there wasn’t any rush and it was very relaxing just sitting in the restaurant. If there’s any place you’re going to go for dinner, lunch, whatever, go here. It seems like a very unappreciated restaurant. Besides, it’s better than the breakfast buffet they serve at the hotel-and that’s not even free!

News and Announcements
  • Sorry for the long wait-was very busy for this start of the new year! Anyways, happy 2016, everybody!
  • Secondly, great news-this site has passed 3,000 views! 2015 saw our highest amount of readers yet, with almost 1,000 of you guys coming to have a look! We cannot thank you enough for all this support. Here are the top 5 countries in terms of readership:
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  • Once again, thank you for all this support you have given us. Couldn’t have done it without you guys!


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