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Photo Collection #1: Athenian Cats – Part 1

Photo Collection #1: Athenian Cats (and other animals) – Part 1

Cats-we know you love them. Oh yeah, and the other ones too. So here’s a collection of your favourite felines, dogs, and-oh sod it, just have a look.


This was a beautiful tortoiseshell that was sitting just next to the Odeum of Herodes Atticus. Afterwards, she went for a bit of a lie down.


A blurred closeup, but upon closer inspection I thought it was rather fitting.


One of the many stray dogs just hanging about in Athens. This one chose the middle of the path.


Here’s a closeup of a [monarch?] butterfly above the Acropolis.


Partners in crime.


This lovely ginger over here was considering going on a diet.


A little robin looked at us suspiciously as we walked to the Plaka.


‘I’ve been expecting you.’


Some nice folks had left food and water out for the abundance of stray cats in the neighbourhood. It also provided a means of shelter from the pouring rain, like this little grey kitten was doing.


One of the other kittens had something wrong with his eye.


Next to the restaurant where we were having lunch that day, we met three kittens playing around in a nearby flowerpot.



Did you know pigeons, like flamingos, can stand on one leg?


Snub-nosed cat.


Let’s end on a high note-demon dogs!


(Nah, I’m kidding. It just barked a lot.)

More to come soon!

News and Announcements

·        Some sneaky stuff you can’t know about at the time being is going on; expect some slight tweaks to the blog!

·        Wow-Year 9 is busy! Should have some free time sometime soon but for now, I might just keep posting these photo collections, since they’re quite easy to cultivate. Sorry if you don’t like them that much-I’ll try my best to get something out (and hopefully my contributors will too!)

·        Also, I have a Twitter account-@Lady_Snowhawk. I will tweet every time something new has been posted, so keep updated! See you guys around!


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