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The Classic Topic of ‘Holidays’

Holidays: over. School: too close to be true. Feeling: pretty sad. (No surprise there).

So what else is there for me to write about apart from ‘Child Depression’ or what I did on my holidays?

I never seriously thought that the holidays would someday come to an end. I knew it was bound to happen, but I always thought it was too far to think about. I thought that by the time I came back I’d be so relaxed I’d be ready to start a new year (as if that would ever happen).

I ‘kick-started’ – I hate that phrase – my holiday with camp in Switzerland. I did stuff like climbing, archery, ice-skating, beach volley, and even yoga. It was my first time, and I can’t say I was amazed. I can understand why some people keep going every year, and it was pretty fun, but I prefer not to have a schedule to follow; I like it when I lose track of the days and do the same things again and again, even though that can sometimes get boring.

Then, I went to one of my favourite places on the globe: Cyprus. That is where I celebrate my true summer. I got bored, and, well, I did nothing apart from swimming, eating and sleeping.

At some point, the humidity got to just over 85% (100% is pure water, so it was basically like being in a sauna all day long), but I loved it. Considering I live in a not-so-nice place (weather-wise), the humidity and the heat was such a relief, though I know many people who would disagree…

Towards the end of August, we went for a long weekend to Mykonos with my parents. We went to beaches like Psarou, had lunch at the super-famous and super-crowded restaurant ‘Nammos’ and at a weird new place called ‘Hippy Fish’, which was actually pretty good. We walked down the endless roads of Chora (the town in which, for directions, everyone tells you to ‘go straight on’, but at the next block you can just go either left or right) and enjoyed authentic gyros sitting on the houses’ steps.

Before we new it, we were off the island, back in Cyprus, packing our unnecessarily huge suitcases, and eventually back home.

I have to say it was a nice break, but I nevertheless wish it would never end.

Bye now,

The Minion Maniac with the Awesome Profile. 😀

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