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Athens Trip – Day 3 – Part 2 – Glyfada and Voula

Best Gyros Place in Athens? I think so

Next up was Glyfada, Vouliagmeni and Voula; located only on the very far end of the other side, where the land looks like it curves in on itself like a spiralling wave. Getting on the tram we spent the most parts of an hour slowly bumbling along the magnificent coastline of the Saronic Gulf(2) watching the gently bright rays of the sun encompass the world in a spring daffodil-like glow of pale yellow.

Once we arrived at the last stop on the last time the rest of my family rushed to show me a small restaurant located on a corner of a junction, called Pitta Time! Now, my family, long before I existed (:/), lived for about six months in the Voula area and they would come to this unknown little restaurant at least once every week for dinner, lunch, whatever. I thought (and so did they) that the standards wouldn’t be as high as they apparently had been back in their day, as a lot of restaurants generally do go down over time. How wrong we were.


Pitta Time!’s logo.

Pitta Time! It looks just like an abandoned shack right next to the hospital but as they say, never judge a book by its cover. The gyros they serve there are so awesome I’m drooling thinking of them now. As well as being delicious they’re also ridiculously cheap-the souvlaki wraps are only £1.20 a piece, and are crammed to the brim with delicious and melting meat, grated carrots, fresh lettuce, tomatoes and a generous scooping of mayonnaise, along with a soft fluffy pitta bread and well-cooked and seasoned chips. They were so amazing even if you weren’t hungry just the smell makes you want to eat it! As well as having one souvlaki per head we also shared a souvlaki assortment, which was servings of every meat, larger quantities of vegetables, chips and pieces of pitta as well as a large mayonnaise dip. And that was only about 10 euros.


The souvlaki assortment


The chicken gyro

The service was lovely too-owned by an old man and his son and daughter, they were here those fifteen years ago and it’s sad to think that after all that time they’re still unknown and earning a living on this sad little restaurant without proper doors and a kitchen so small you can hardly turn, let alone move around in it. In spite of all this though they were still very friendly and welcoming, even though they had forgotten my other family members (obviously they didn’t know who I was.) There was hardly anyone in the restaurant at all-just a duo of middle-aged men drinking beer and watching whatever the telly was showing-some weird music channel-and a lone man sitting outside. In fact, the only other relatable customer was a baby grey cat who was obviously lured in by the enticing smell of gyros drifting through the plastic flaps that acted as walls to keep out the wind and had quietly sneaked in and now sat close to our table from the safety of another, plaintively mewing for food. Who could resist it? And it looked pretty hungry too. So I gave it quite a few scraps of gyro meat from our table and it got closer and closer until I could touch it. Seriously, no one could turn away from those eyes.

I hope you’re wondering where this amazing place is. The address is: Leof Vasileous Pavlou 1, Vouliagmeni 16673, Greece. No(3). Also be sure to check out my review of Pitta Time, and also my brothers. Now go and find this magical place and be entranced!



The beautiful sunset over Glyfada

After saying goodbye to the affectionate staff and small cat we firstly took a quick glance at what was my family’s old home whilst living in Greece and also bought a small chocolate cake from the bakery opposite. Then, we casually got back onto the tram and made our way to Voula, as the sun started disappearing into the horizon of islands and small hills and the once-blue sky turned purple and pink like the Northern lights. By the time we got to Voula it was nearly dark, and by the time we had explored its high street it was pitch black. After buying some Schleich animals, (of which collecting them is practically a hobby to me nowadays as I hardly ever have any time to play with them anymore unlike when I was younger and had more time on my hands) we bought some spicy chicken wings from the local KFC and sat on the top floor and contemplated on the tumultuous scene outside.


Getting ready for Christmas, I presume?

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