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Independence of the Seas Cruise – Day 4 – Gibraltar

Arrived in sunny Gibraltar (UK) at 7:00am today, so was feeling rather drowsy as we headed to the Windjammer/Jade café for an early start. Luckily the freshly squeezed orange juice-quite literally-jolted me from my sleep stance and got the day really going (ok, after some hash browns and beef hash from the café). When we were coming out of the café we took a cuddly picture with a cuddly monkey-one of the main things tourists come to look at on Gibraltar.


“Welcome to Gibraltar”

When we got off the ship you could see hundreds of silvery gleaming fish hugging the sides of the underwater part of the cruise liner. They seemed to be eating off the boat’s algae, which was rather fascinating as they were stuck inside the buoys that bounced alongside the edge of the dock and they would remain stuck for the majority of the day.


The great ship from the front

So we walked off, heading in the general direction of the great looming mountain where the renowned monkeys habituated. The clifftops were so high up they were shrouded in foggy mists and we couldn’t see how far it went up until we got on the cable car, who’s queue line ran on down a whole street and onto the next, producing a rather long waiting time (there were only two cable cars, and they had to go at exactly the same time.


One does not just walk into monkey land

For such a busy tourist attraction you would have thought they had more than just one for each side.).


Look, it’s the big red bus!

Once we finally got on the car it was rickety and quite bumpy-had some scrapes along the wire as we went up which produced a lot of…how do we say it…verbal emotion.

At the top of the Rock of Gibraltar we immediately saw a monkey below the docking zone for the cable car, as if it were awaiting our arrival. After that one we saw many more, including ones playing in the water fountains, failing at stunts and biting naughty kids who tried to touch them.

And here is a collection of monkey pictures up from the Rock:






After investigating the ruined castle and taking some shots of the steep incline below us (I have a picture to show you guys just how steep) which did not have a rail on it, we went up to the Rock Shop and I bought a little monkey magnet and this fuzzy black monkey with a ‘Top of the Rock’ t-shirt on him, before heading back down as we were fast running out of time.


Random seagull…but it’s so cute! (sorry)



The very steep incline could you leave you hanging

Back down on sea level land, we strolled through the high street, buying cheap (and possibly fake) jewellery, a new lense for Loos’ camera at a super cheap price and a delicious ‘Long Chicken’ meal from Burger King. I’m sorry but I simply couldn’t resist that woody goodness… (don’t know what I mean? Then check out this page about the fast food scandal)


The high street


Even these guys were better than the magician on-ship, and I know all their tricks

In the evening we finally watched the magician show-honestly it wasn’t that good, the guy mainly performed the same antics again and again, and it looked to be all set up so. He wasn’t even very funny: a lot of ‘mm’ and ‘erm’-ing. Should check out this website to improve on his speech.

That completes Day 4 in Gibraltar of the cruise. Day 5 will be completed on 1st August (basically, one post every other day, as it will go for the rest of the holidays.)



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