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Independence of the Seas Cruise – Days 2 and 3

The next two days on board ship were both out at sea as we travelled to our first port of call, Gibraltar, so didn’t have much to do which is I bundled up both sea days together in one post.

Went rock climbing on the morning of Day 2, I went up very fast and rang the bell before five minutes was done, however I was a bit idiotic coming down and grazed my arm as I made the bumpy descent back down. Obviously had forgotten every part the tutor had told me to do.

That night was a formal evening, so I wore an orange dress with a bow tie on it that I had gotten off from a shop called Louche in Guernsey, which we had embarked to on our last cruise (check my first post on Independence of the Seas for more information), along with a pearl necklace and these wacky-doo ‘crown jewels’ that you could stick on your nails.

On Day 3 of the cruise I woke up early in the morning to finally (well yes, it has only been two days since we set off from Southampton and there was an H20 Zone the whole time that I didn’t go to, it was a pain even to look at up until then) get a chance to play in the H20 Zone on Deck 11, right next to the Windjammer and Jade café. With splashing fountains, water guns, whirlpools, hot tubs and man-made waterfalls what more could you wish for? (An ice cream machine, maybe-oh wait no, they have those already. Sorry.)

After my relaxing splash, visited the Challenger’s video arcade on Deck 12, full of teenagers playing Hummer, Nascar, Nirin, Stacker, and…Pacman. Yes, Pacman.

In the evening we watched a Inspired by BeeGees concert-honestly we weren’t expecting a music event, my friend’s mother had insisted that this was a magic show, (the magic show was actually happening the next day) so we all settled down for front-row seats in the Alhambra Theatre, Deck 4, in hopes of being chosen to be sliced up or magically disappear in front of the audiences eyes. Obviously our hopes were dashed. (Or sliced, if you like.)

Feeling slightly boogie-boogie (that music had an effect on me) I returned to my stateroom at 10PM to find a towel sting ray awaiting me on the bed, along with the next day’s Cruise Compass and brochure.

No pictures today-nothing much to take pictures of whilst you’re at sea, I guess.


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