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China Trip-The Vineyard Cafe, Andingmen Hutong

The Vineyard Café

Something spectacular happened in here.

WARNING:This isn’t a very Chinese restaurant. Those whose want Chinese reviews, wait for my next food review on Pepper Lunch, which is Chinese and also utterly delicious. Sorry if I ruined it.


The food is something unique, and unlike any other restaurant I have ever been to, preparing a complex mix of practical Chinese and stylish Western themed pizzas, burgers and other Western favourites and all-times (excluding Fish Friday-sounds fishy to me-sorry), but instead of doing those normal things, those common pizza toppings, such as Hawaiian and Pepperoni, they do ‘continental’ pizza flavours, like parma ham and asparagus an English breakfast at 2pm. However, not all their new ideas taste so good in the mouth as it sounds. There was also a lot of grease from the oil underneath my pizza.

Food Rating: 8/10

Scenic and Seating etc.

From the outdoors, looks like some little enclosed and dark little unhygienic café in the middle of nowhere, but from indoors could be so lavishly decorated sun bar or a pomp and circumstance restaurant. They could do with a new colour painting outside-black doesn’t really work, or give a good first impression to tourists. However, once you step inside you won’t regret it. A lovely glass patio, sweet charming soundtracks, black leather chairs and original polished wood tables-what more could you wish for?

Scenic and Seating etc. Rating: 10/10


Well. I’m at a red light here. As I can speak fluent Chinese and English, Chinese will do in a Chinese country (basic knowledge.). I don’t really know though, how English-speaking tourists would find them. They, to me, seemed generally a little unhelpful and a bit slow to get the job done, although it was done at the end of the day. I don’t know about you though.

Service Rating: 7/10


**Located in a famous hu tong, and very close to the Andingmen tube station and the Yong He Gong Lama Temple nearby.**

**Has won six awards from the Beijinger magazine over the years since 2008**

**The BBC have visited and reviewed the Vineyard Café…**

**Here is that lovely glass ceiling I promised…**

Like it? And live in China? (Well, that’s surprising…how do you read everything…anyways) Telephone number below:

86 (10) 6402 7961

Email? It always works better.

Not bothered? Check out the website link. Just click and go!

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