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Sea Life – Westminster, England

Sea life


This blog post is the last part of the four-series day out I had with my friend in London, where we also went to London Dungeons ->, Phoenix Palace -> and the Sherlock Holmes Museum ->

Sea Life is not too hard to find-situated right next to the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Sitting comfortably inbetween the London Dungeons and the London Eye, and just next to the Westminster tube station, it’s an easy destination. Not even the sat-nav can go wrong on trying to find it, and that’s saying something.

Sea Life has a friendly and warming environment, including colourful and beautifully painted drawings of marine animals and tropical underwater wildlife. The place seems exciting and cultivated, not some dull grey wired-off enclosure, and the animals get a lot of space to move about in their glass bowls, if you would call it that. Long and detailed descriptions of the animals for those who are interested in it (which is probably nil, but you know, let’s not be picky). There are hands-on experiences for your little ones, where you can feel the squidgy wetness of the little blobby anemones and let little freshwater shrimps stroll over your hand. Stand in the shark tank and watch the sharks taking the bait, be battered by hurricane winds in the Hurricane Experience or just get a cute and cuddly face-paint of a glittering dolphin or a beautiful butterfly. The gift shop is just as good, selling literally every marine animal soft toy there can be-manta rays, lobsters and sea turtles included!

There’s so much waiting for you here. Why don’t you come and have a look round? You’ll be amazed by what you see…

Experience Rating: 9/10

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