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Pegasus and the Flame, by Kate O’Hearn


Pegasus and the Flame


By Kate O’Hearn

It’s a proper fantasy, alright-maybe albeit too far.

Pegasus and the Flame, as the name suggests, talks about a thirteen-year old girl called Emily, whose life is one day changed dramatically forever after the great winged stallion, Pegasus, crashes down on her roof. After the two bond, (which is a bit touchy-touchy, but you know) Emily hears that other Olympians from the wondrous city at the other side of the ‘Solar Stream’-like a channel through a mountain have invaded their world and are indestructible-mainly. But it’s not just heroes that appear from the other world-enemies, too.

Want me to say the truth? It was achingly fake, every word of it. The detailed and dramatic description of the city, the fleeting trauma of flying on Pegasus-it didn’t make me believe it-trust authors like Tolkien, Sparks and Jordan to give you an example on that. O’Hearn may have gone a touch too far in the detail department, for what is seems-now it sounds like a cosmetic model being pampered up for the limelight.

It is almost confusingly addicting-but then it does relate to those hit-you and can’t-stop-reading but definitely rubbish books, aka Twilight, etc etc. Although it was like reading a baby’s first works, it was also like watching your favourite band live. So I’m not going to talk about that.

Age suggestions, you say? Around 8-11 year olds, a generally dissatisfying and relatively boring read for anyone else above that. Girls, boys-whoever likes fantasy, myth and legend (or, the Percy Jackson series, as an example) are not recommended also-yes, not recommended- to read this.

A truly shocking and disgusting novel that seemed to express so much interest and mirth at first, but then dissolved into tragic circumstances.

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