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The One Dollar Horse, by Lauren St. John

The One Dollar Horse

By Lauren St. John

The One Dollar Horse is an exceptionally thrilling piece of work by Lauren St. John, starring a young horse-mad teenager, a demoralized ex-criminal father and a one dollar horse, called Storm.

The way St. John wrote this book is an absolute must for all horse-riders, using top-notch riding techniques and etiquette horse championships. Starting off from nothing, you really get a sense of how Casey’s emotions go on a rollercoaster ride from getting Storm to seeing the ‘boy with the brown eyes’ who she is refusing to fall in love with. Although there are no illustrations in the book you can really imagine the scenes the St. John depicts as the story moves on, going into amazing detail on every jump and every jodhpur; it really made me go ‘Wow!’ as I read it. A great adventure thriller.

As well as this, there are two other books in the series, called Race the Wind (Part 2) and Fire Storm (Part 3). I hope to buy these books soon. This series of books are probably recommended for the eights to fourteens and, as the first book took a couple of days for me, it can probably take up to a month to read the whole series, although it will depend on your reading skills. I hope you are compelled to read this story, just as I was.

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