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Amy and Co. In China 8 – Tarzan, Tasty Pizzas and Tables

Tuesday 26th July

Phew that one was hard (the title). It doesn’t even make much sense, since all I did was move one in the morning (said table in said title), but anyways. The only note from today’s breakfast in any case was the delicious if slightly funky tasting peach and mango yoghurt. But then, what did you expect? Normal food?


We walked over to the nearby Kai De shopping mall to see Legend of Tarzan, LOH’s first destination for definitive masculine hunkiness. I mean, look at those abs. There was hardly anyone about for some reason and she got an Arizona that was peach flavoured whilst my brother got a melon soda, which tasted like bicarbonate or something you use for toilets or cleaning drains. The movie itself was alright, as long as you accepted the fact that of course they used CGI for all of those animals and didn’t dawdle on the fact that a lot of questions raised remained unanswered at the end of the film. Also, script was horribly tacky and cringe-worthy, and Margot Robbie just isn’t the right person for the job here. There. Movie review done.

The delicious crispy pork belly and salted egg rice meal. We should have more places like this in the UK (and in Beijing to be honest)


After the film, which we watched in an almost private cinema with probably only four other people, we ate at a Guang Dong restaurant serving  pretty incredible dim sum, and had no qualms whatsoever. It also has relatively cheap prices. The milk tea was served in an awesome glass skull on freezing ice. Awesome!  I’ll post a review on TripAdvisor if and when I can. Home to play the equivalent of Chinese checkers with LOH before once again coming back to Kai De, this time to eat at Pizza Factory, a new restaurant opened on the base floor, which actually did a pretty good job, with huge portions, superbly made pizza with a thin crust and decent service for a Chinese restaurant. Also that black tea with honey and lemon is still making my mouth water. In fact, I’m going to go drink some tea now.

Next up: a step into the unknown. Seriously, I don’t know.

Panda buns. Not actual panda! But super delicious. 🙂



News and Announcements

  • So, happy 2017! 2016 wasn’t one of the best years there’s been, but let’s hope this one’s better!
  • I think I might try to do more reviews of things…or do you guys prefer these travel logs? I have one on Scotland at the moment.
  • Also, I have a TripAdvisor at LadySnowhawk if you really badly want to see my reviews. I write for everywhere I go, so…

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