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An Explanation to my Lack of Posting…

Hi eccentric bloggers,

You may have noticed I seem to have been posting less frequently recently, equivalent to about one post per month max. This may be the only post I do in January since I have been quite busy at school with exams, performances and the like. By mid-February (my birthday) I should be free enough to write up some more for you guys. I’m revising at the moment for my Mid-Years, so.

Also, with the Athens posting-it has been suggested that I ‘shorten’ my posts to more readeable lengths. This doesn’t mean I will just post less stuff on my everyday accounts-just that they will be more spread out. I will probably write the whole thing out, then paste parts of them into about two or three seperate posts and keep you guys updated.

And Lews? Erm…well you can read his Trip Advisor-please feel free to look at mine too-but otherwise let’s say he’s not going to be writing a lot for the time being. Don’t forget, all new bloggers are very much welcome. If anyone wants to contact me privately about this use my work email at .

Hope you all had a wonderful 2015 and let’s have a good one!


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